Sunday, May 29, 2011

JUNE...Acrosticaly Speaking!

June is just around the corner...summer is getting closer!  When you think of June, what comes to mind?  This week you are asked to write an acrostic poem based on the month of JUNE. 
An acrostic poem is a type of poem where the first letter in the word (JUNE) is used to write a sentence.  To start, write the letters J U N E down the side of a piece of paper.  Then brainstorm words that begin with each letter and describe the month of June.

Type your acrostic in the comment box below.  If you need help, you can use the READ WRITE THINK Acrostic Poem Maker.

Check out below for a sample acrostic I made...let me see how creative you can be!

Your comments will not be seen until I approve them!  Remember to click the small 'comments' button below.  Can't wait to read your poems.


Emma said...

Just 21 days


No school at the end of June

End of spring

Mrs. Addison said...

Awesome Acrostic, Emma! You are the weekly 'lollipop' winner!

Elise said...

J ust in time for summer!
U nder the sun, playing with my friends!
N o homework - just fun, fun, FUN!
E very day is nice and warm!

Mrs. Addison said...

I like NO HOMEWORK too! Yes...we get homework as well and the weather is getting soooooo nice...
Amazing Acrostic, Elise.

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